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Monday, December 10, 2018

7 Worst Jobs that Ever Existed in This World #MindBlowing

If you’re an adult person most likely you have ever worked a job or two. Some you might like some other not so much. You might even regard some of them the worst job that you ever took.

Especially with your “not-so-understanding” boss and “nosy” colleague sitting around leaving their jobs to your hands. “How much worse could it be?” Well there were definitely worse jobs in the history of humanity.

If you’re curious, you definitely should look at this list of 7 worst jobs that ever existed.

Leech Collector – During the 18th & 19th Century in Europe there was a craze in medical practice called ‘bloodletting’ . It is basically the draining of blood from human body for supposedly health reason. Basically if you were patient the doctor would put leeches on your body to draw the blood. It was in a high demand by the people. So who would collect the leeches you ask? That was the job of ‘leech collector’. Mostly done by peasant women. They have to wait on swampy water and let the leeches attach on their bare legs & hands. Someone will then collect the leeches by the dozen. Although not a physically tough job, it was known that the leeches could suck a fair amount of blood & possibly passed infection. Whipping Boy – If you’re living in medieval Europe and was appointed as ‘whipping boy’ then your childhood could pretty  much mean that you were being punished for someone else’s mistake (in this case the prince of the royal family). When a child of royal bearing began to act up then he would be punished by whipping. The catch was, instead of the prince the whipping boy will be the one receiving the punishment. Indeed, a job of being punished for some rotten spoiled royalty brat was one of the worst.Rat Catcher – Before the creation of modern rat trap there was a job known as ‘rat catcher’. Rat catcher would rub certain oil on their body to attract the hungry rodents. They would then catch the rats with their bare hands. Rats were known to carry some dangerous diseases and without modern medicine life was tough for the rat catcher. Many passed away due to diseases.Bone Grubber – Imagine your job is collecting rotten bones from butcher, garbage piles & stockyards. That was the job of ‘Bone Grubber”. They would collect those items and sell it to manufacturer to be made into household goods and the reset were grounded then boiled for soap-making.Mudlark – In Victorian England scavenging is a huge economy prospect. The things scavenged then will be recycled or reused. Sounds good right? Well, not for ‘mudlark’. The bottom of the scavenger hierarchy. They had to pick up the things overlooked by other scavengers. They had to wander into freezing water full of rotten fish, human waste and sometimes human body.Gong farmer – These farmers are not your regular farmers. Instead of collecting meat, egg and milk they had to harvest the very leftover of the animal (AKA poop). Please don’t imagine that back then they had sewer system that allowed us to just flush our waste away. This farmer had to collect lots of poops not only animals but also humans. More often than not they often feel sick and infected with diseases.Match girl – Imagine a job that has a side effect of making your jaw gives off an eerie glow and smells foul. This condition was also known as ‘phossy jaw’. That’s what happened to ‘match girl’. It is a result of years dipping wood in a toxic phosphorous solution. The only way to cure it was by partial removal of jaw.

That’s it folks for the 7 worst jobs that ever existed. Which one do you think was the worst? 





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